=> Ce 5 mai visite de deux amis musiciens !


Visite ce 5 mai 2016 de deux amis musiciens: Claudio Montuori (Birdman) et Bert Cornelis


Claudio Montuori (Birdman) - Rome


"Claudio Montuori is famous for being they mythical, always artistic Birdman. He is known as "the only true artist on the streets" by some, and you can see why — no altering his act for his audience's tastes!"


Bert Cornelis - Brussels

"Bert Cornelis is the prominent disciple of sitar Master Pt. Ashok pathak with who he studied in the traditional way during 20 years the classical music of India. Ashok Pathak has given to Bert the title ‘Sadhan Saraswati’ (sadhana means the ‘learning path’, Saraswati is the goddess of music) Ashok Pathak himself is the son of the legendary sitar genius Pt. Balaram Pathak, who was respected by all the great musicians of India and who created a distinct revolutionary sitar style.
Next to these pure traditional teachings, Bert completed with distinction academic studies at the Prayag Samiti University at Allahabad, India.
A performance of Bert Cornelis is deep and spontaneous, and marked by the sound and and the extraordinary techniques typical for the ‘Pathak Style’. Journalists and members of the audiences have described his music as ‘a massage for the soul’, always emotional, original and truly improvised. A flight at the same time well rooted in the tradition and at the same time very free.
Bert has a solid reputation as a performer in Europe, India and the US, and is involved in organizing classes of Indian classical music with great masters in Europe."

Texte from: http://www.indiasorphans.eu/actueel/activiteiten/verrasse...