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Exposition Geo-Graphics au Bozar (suite)



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09.06 - 29.09.2010


23 rue Ravenstein,
1000 Bruxelles

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Attention cette exposition est terminée 

geo catalogue.jpgCatalogue GEO-graphics (English only)

A map of ART practices in AFRICA, past and present

GEO-graphics, the festival’s main exhibition, sets out to recontextualise more than 220 objects of breathtaking beauty from the Museum and from other Belgian public and private collections by bringing them face to face with the work of contemporary African artists. These are being chosen by eight arts centres carefully selected from all over Africa because of the active role they are playing in the development of the cultural sector in the continent. The art centres’ interventions are inscribed in a scenography which sheds new light on how to read the relationship between old and new by highlighting the affinities and ruptures between past and present. 

Divisée en quatre grandes zones géographiques, 
l’exposition GEO-graphics réuni environ 200 chefs-d’œuvre ethnographiques de collections privées et muséales belges.


  • Sahel
  • Savane et prairies herbacées
  • Forêt
  • Montagne et Highveld

Forêt 5 et 6 (suite)

5 forêt 01.JPG 
Ensemble de statues des peuples:


Kuyu, Beembe et Teke de Rc

Kongo, Yaka, Mangbetu, Zande, Luluwa, Pere de RDc



5 forêt 02.JPG

5 forêt 04.JPG

5 forêt 05.jpg

5 forêt 06.jpg

5 forêt 07.jpg

5 forêt 08.jpg

5 forêt 09.jpg

5 forêt 10.jpg

5 forêt 11.JPG

5 forêt 12.JPG


6 forêt 01.JPG

Ensemble de statues et masques des peuples:

Lega, Ndengese, Songye, Ngeende, Ngombe, Pende, Togbo, Ngbandi, Kuba, Lengola, Djonga, Ngombe, Boa, Ngbaka de RDc

6 forêt 02.JPG

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6 forêt 06.jpg

6 forêt 06a.JPG

6 forêt 06b.jpg

6 forêt 07.JPG

6 forêt 08c.jpg

6 forêt 09.jpg

6 forêt 10.jpg

6 forêt 11.jpg

6 forêt 12.jpg

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